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Stella Kosim

Goes by: Miss Stella or Stella

Stella began playing classical guitar at the age of 13. She took her first lessons at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik, a private music school in Jakarta, Indonesia. She fell in love with music and the classical guitar in large part because of the influence of her dedicated teacher, Oliver Pletscher. In her own teaching, she consistently reflects on the powerful and positive impact a teacher can have on a student because of the influence Mr. Pletscher had on her.

Stella’s students have ranged in age from 4 to 70, and she enjoys teaching students of all ages. Stella has taken Suzuki Guitar teacher training in order to better meet the needs of young students. Likewise, she has studied traditional classical guitar methods and enjoys teaching teens and adults using respected and established methods. She values an engaging teaching approach that motivates and equips students to succeed.

As a way of staying connected with musicians in her home country of Indonesia, Stella has been teaching weekly online masterclasses to young classical guitarists through the Indonesian Classical Guitarist Community (ICGC).

Stella received her bachelor’s degree in music performance from the University of Washington where she studied with Michael Partington. She has performed in master classes presented by the Seattle Classic Guitar Society, Northwest Guitar Festival, New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes and the Guitar Foundation of America.


In addition to music and teaching, Stella loves math, numbers, and has a degree in Business and Accounting. She also loves travelling, cooking, and walking outside with her cat, Groucho. Stella lives in Snohomish County with her husband, Robert, and her son, Garrett.

Stella is not currently accepting new students on guitar. All inquiries will be put on a wait list.

Robert is now accepting students on Tuesday evenings

Robert Vierschilling

Goes by: Mr. Vierschilling or Robert

Robert Vierschilling teaches classical guitar to adults and teenagers, and to children using the Suzuki approach. In addition to teaching classical guitar, Robert teaches music theory on guitar and composition for guitar. While a few of Robert’s students have gone on to careers as professional musicians, most of his students learn guitar and music for their own enrichment and enjoyment. 

Started teaching guitar lessons as a high school student at a local music store in New Jersey. When he went to college at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore to study classical guitar, he taught guitar at several private schools, scheduling as many classes as he could in the morning so that he could teach guitar in the afternoon. After finishing both Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at Peabody, Robert moved to Seattle where he taught guitar at several community music schools and at a guitar store before moving to Eastern Washington become certified to teach music in public schools. In Eastern Washington, Robert taught at a small rural school where he was the only music teacher in the school district, teaching preschool through twelfth grade, including band and guitar. Robert is glad to have settled in Snohomish County where he teaches elementary music for a public school and guitar lessons at Snohomish County Music School.


While building his career as a guitar and music teacher, Robert has also enjoyed staying active as a performer and composing for guitar. Many students have learned to strum basic chords using his Guitar Chord Primer, and several of his original compositions for guitar can be heard on YouTube. Robert performed at numerous venues in Seattle and hosted a classical guitar cabaret at the Couth Buzzard Cafe in the Greenwood neighborhood. When living in Eastern Washington, Robert was active in the Guitar Society of the Tri-Cities, performing and conducting guitar ensembles in several society-sponsored concerts. In Snohomish County, he is a regular participant at the Snohomish County/North End Classical Guitar Open Mic.

In addition to music, Robert enjoys reading and is a fan of comedy, especially sketch comedy and classic comedy movies. Robert lives in Snohomish County with his wife, Stella, his son, Garrett, and his cat, Groucho.

Heading 1

Greg Garcia

Goes by: Greg or Mr. Garcia

Greg started learning to play the guitar when he was 13 years old living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His teacher’s name was Ross Hamlin, who exposed him to a wide variety of genres and styles. Through Ross, Greg learned about the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he would later be accepted at age 17.

At Berklee, Greg was exposed to several new styles of guitar playing including a fingerstyle method known as Travis picking. With roots in blues and folk, Greg was immediately drawn to the interesting patterns the picking style made possible. Berklee was also where Greg began studying songwriting and performing his original songs in the Boston area.

Greg received his bachelor’s degree in music therapy in 2014. Since then, he has worked in various settings including schools, hospitals, hospices, and private practice. In 2019, he moved to Japan where he worked as an English teacher for a year. He has enjoyed teaching guitar as well and is thrilled to see students master the basics and begin their own unique musical
journey. While he is primarily a fingerstyle steel string acoustic guitarist, he enjoys playing the electric guitar and singing as well.


Greg moved to Lake Stevens in May of 2023 for a job at a behavioral hospital. He is excited to begin teaching guitar with Snohomish County Music School and to meet as many students as possible. When not playing the guitar, Greg enjoys studying Japanese, going on walks or drives with his dog Tiger, and writing. He has self-published two books and is currently working on a
third, though guitar will always be his true passion.

Greg is now accepting students during the week.

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