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Mission Statement


Snohomish County Music School was created to bring more music culture to Snohomish County. Our mission is to create opportunities for the community to participate in any and all musical endeavors. At SnoCo Music School, students can enjoy teachers who exude a love for teaching their instruments and present high quality instruction. 


Snohomish County Music School was founded by Kathryn Kibbe, a violin and viola instructor in Snohomish, Washington. Kathryn, or Miss Kat as her students call her, started out as a single-teacher music studio. Since starting her studio in 2019, Kathryn grew to a studio size of 45 students per week plus an ever growing waitlist. It seemed to that there was a gigantic need for more string teachers to offer private music lessons in the area and so she decided to take on the adventure of creating a music school to serve the community. Her dreams keep expanding and hopefully the school will have many different teachers of many different instruments. 

Kathryn loves teaching music as well as living life to the fullest degree. If you don't see her in the studio, you can usually find her gardening, fishing, lifting weights, and spending time with her dog, Ollie. For Kathryn it is really important that her students not only see her as a teacher of music, but also a person who lives their life doing what they love to do.

Kathryn Kibbe
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