Studio Policy

Please read this policy thoroughly and make sure that student and parent understand it correctly. If you have any questions please bring them to my attention immediately so they may be resolved.



In regard to a preliminary lesson: there will be a $40 fee for the trial lesson and interview. If you send me a referral, you will receive a free lesson! 


Lessons will take place at Ms. Kat’s studio located at her home in South Marysville, WA.


Due to my involvement in other musical groups I will be unavailable during concert sets. Please check the calendar on my website for dates I will be unavailable. If the group that I am performing with is located close to you, I highly recommend your attendance at the concert. 


Lessons will consist of either 25, 40 or 55 minutes of teaching with a 5-minute passing period where the parent can ask any questions and to give time for the student to pack their instrument and to gather all of their belongings.




Tuition and fees cover more than just your time slot in my studio. This covers the time that I invest in making sure the student has the correct tools and plan to progress in their musical abilities. 


Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month with no exceptions. I accept cash or check. Please make the check payable to Kathryn Kibbe. Tuition is as follows:


            30’: $120

            45’: $180

            60’: $240

Fees will be added during months when recitals are held. If a payment has not been paid in full after the second lesson, there will be a $15 late fee. 




Cancellations must be given at the minimum 24 hours in advance. The cancelled lesson must be rescheduled within two weeks for the lesson payment to not be forfeited. I would prefer that no cancellations or re-schedules be made, but I do understand illness, family emergency, and severe weather come up unannounced. If the student wakes up sick the day of their lesson, please call to reschedule by 10AM. There will be no other exceptions to the cancellation/re-schedule policy. 


Please think hard on the time and day you choose the lesson to be every week and commit to it 100%. This is not only time in your day that you are using but it is time in my day that I am giving to the student. Write it down and make sure you do not forget.


Please notify me of a cancellation via email or phone call, no texting. In case of need to re-schedule a lesson, there is a calendar that I use to show what times are available for a make-up lesson. Please notify me immediately of the time and day you have chosen and write it down. The link is here:


If I must cancel a lesson, I will make up the lesson within one month. If I cannot make the lesson up in one month, a credit will be given to the following month. 




Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable. Please be a few minutes early to the lesson and be prepared to start tuning at the start of your lesson. If you are tardy to your lesson, there will not be time to make it up at the end of the lesson due to other students. Please make sure to be on time, this will not waste my time or your time. 


If a student is more than 15 minutes late, I will assume you are not coming and the lesson credit will be forfeited. 


If I am late for a lesson, the time will be made up either at the end of the lesson or at a different time. 


Student Expectations


Students will be expected to bring all the materials to each lesson. Please double check before leaving to make sure that you have all of the books and materials to bring to the lesson. 


Materials include instrument, bow, rosin, cleaning cloth, pencil, 3-ring binder, and all books assigned. 


Students will need to make sure that that their fingernails are cut short prior to each lesson. Not only is this keeping good hygiene but by having long nails will not allow the student to play the violin or viola correctly. 


Practice expectations are as follows:

  • If the student is a beginner, the expected practice time is 15-20 minutes, 5 days a week.

  • Once the student reaches a certain point in the first book, I will require the student to practice 30 minutes, 5 days a week. 

  • If the student is taking an hour lesson, 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week is required practice. 

  • The more advanced students should expect to practice for 1-2 hours, 5 days a week. 


Parental Involvement 


Although I do not teach Suzuki method, I believe that parental involvement is critical for student success, especially during the beginning through intermediate years of learning to play a new instrument. Learning to read music is like learning a new language; it takes constant encouragement from the parent for the child to become excited about learning. Even if the parent is not musically inclined, showing support will only further the progress of the student. 


For students under the age of 15, it is required that the parent stays for the entire lesson for observation. When practicing at home, this will help the student start to make correct practice habits as the parent can guide them through observation of the lesson. If practicing with your student is not possible on a daily basis, have them play for you before the lesson as this will show them encouragement! 




Students will need to purchase music on their own time. It is preferred that the student come prepared with their new books on the second lesson. After the trial lesson and interview, I will write down the books required for the student. Almost all of the books that I use can be purchased through Amazon or Shar Music. 


Most students will need to rent a violin from the local music shop. Renting is recommended if the student is young and growing as the violin size will change quickly. Music shops should be able to give a student the correct size in violin the first time. Please bring an instrument with to the trial lesson and we will make sure it is the correct size. Check to make sure that the rented instrument comes with a bow that is in good shape, a rosin cake, and a shoulder rest. 


Students looking to purchase an instrument should try many out before making a final decision. Please bring the instrument to the lesson so that I may hear the student play and give an honest opinion on the quality of the instrument. 



Studio Recitals 


There will be two recitals during the academic year, a Christmas Recital and a Spring Recital. 


There will be a fee for both performances which will cover the accompanist and renting the venue. 


Summer Lessons


Taking lessons through the summer is highly recommended as it gives the student more time to practice without having to think about their deadlines for school. If a student does not take lessons through the summer, their time slot will not be saved for them when the new academic year starts. I do understand that summer is a time for family vacation. If there are vacations planned through the summer, please notify me as soon as possible so lessons can be re-scheduled. 


I encourage students to attend a summer festival if they are able. Summer festivals, whether they are shorter or longer, are invaluable to a student as they are surrounded by other musicians who are passionate about the same things. Please consult with me before signing up for a music festival so that I can gauge whether it is the correct festival for the student to attend based on level of playing.




If a student wishes to withdraw from the studio, they must give me a one-month notice and a written note stating they would like to no longer take private lessons. Students who withdraw in the middle of a month will forfeit the rest of the month’s tuition as they made a commitment and taken up the time slot in my calendar. 


I reserve the right to dismiss a student at any time for any of the following reasons:

  • No progress due to no practice

  • Disrespect towards myself and my property

  • Missing lessons on a consistent basis without proper notice

  • Multiple late payments

If for any of these reasons I dismiss a student, the lesson will end immediately and there will be no refund of the month’s tuition. I will speak plainly with a student and parent if any of these issues arise during the lesson. If the problem is not corrected, I will dismiss the student immediately.